UTI PSA Non-Uploading Portal

Features :

  • Apply PAN Directly on UTI Website.
  • Shorten Form During PAN Application.
  • During PAN Correction, You can see the PAN Holder's Name by entering PAN Number.
  • Supports Morpho/Mantra Fingerprint Device for Clearing Objections.
  • No need to Print Online Application form, Use Offline Form given above.
  • No Need to Upload Any Document.

Pricing :

  • Pricing of this type of PAN Agency is Rs.199/-
  • Pricing for each PAN Application is Rs.103/-  Commission is Rs. 7 Per PAN.
  • Comission is Rs. 7 Per PAN.

Step - 1 : Make Payment

 Note :
 This is not a Biometric / Fingerprint / eKYC Portal. You need to send Physical form Once in a Month

Step - 2 : Fill Below Form