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What is UCL ?

UCL is a Light Version of Aadhaar Enrollment Client Software that allows you to update aadhaar details.

Who can use UCL ?

A Certified VLE, Having Ready Credential is eligible to use UCL. 

Download And Install UCL.

Register UCL

Contact your UIDAI Coordinator or District Manager  for Registering This Software.

Login to UCL. (4 steps)

1. Double Click On UCL icon Located your desktop.

2. You Will get A popup logo of UCL (Wait for Few Seconds)

3. Enter Your Credential here.

  • Operator UID Means: Your Aadhaar Number
  • Operator ID means: Your Aadhaar Credential Username
  • Your Name : Same as printing in Aadhaar
  • Fingerprint Verification

Finally After Filling All the Details, Click Login.

4. After Clicking Login, You will see a Progress Bar, Wait for A minut it will check your credential details

5. After Progress, Your UCL Will be logged In and Show the window like above Image