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Aadhaar ECMP Lost Packet Solution

  • In case the packets are synced and not uploaded due to various reasons (such as stolen/crash machines), we suggest the VLEs/ULEs to provide the EID details of such packets and case no. by tech centre. 

  • In cases, where RO is satisfied, list of such EID’s should be communicated for removal from the Sync data base.

  • In case where the RO is not satisfied, such packets shall be declared as lost and penalty shall be applicable.

Lost EID Formats: Kindly fill this format and mail:

Format for sending packets to be marked as lost from sync DB under OM 4(4)/57/224/2013-ROB Dated 20.02.2014

  • EA Name & Code
  • Registrar Name & Code
  • Machine Ids & No. of Packets to be marked as lost from Sync DB.
  • Machine ID – No. of Packets
  • Corrective  steps taken by EA to save / restore packets.
  • Case No. by tech centre, if any (use separate sheets for different case IDs)
  • Total No. of Packets.