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How to Use UCL (30-Steps) With Picture

1. Install UCL

2. Register Your Copy Of Software

(Please don't Use Point 1 and 2 if Already Registered)

3. Open UCL From Your Desktop Icon


4. This Page Called as Login Page.

Fill Your Credential Details and Click Login (If you haven't Credential Click Here)

5. This Page Called as Update Request Page.

  Now Enter Customer Aadhaar Number, Capture his biometric and Click On 'Featch Regident Data'

6.  This page called as Demographics Page.

      Edit Whatever You want (Name, Photo, DOB, Address, Mobile, E-mail)

6. A) If You are editing Mobile or E-mail Then you will need to verify it After Entering Mobile/E-mail, Click


6. B) Click 'Generate OTP' and Customer will Receive an OTP on your Mobile/E-mail.

          Enter OTP on given box and Click on 'Verify'.

6. C) After Verifying Mobile/Email A green Check Box will be shown you.


7. Accept the Declaration by Clicking Check box

8. Click On 'Next' on The Below of the Page.

9. You will Move to a new Page, This page Called as References Page.

     Select Certificate, You are about to upload for Correction.

9. A) Click Dropdown Menu to select a Document

9. B) Enter How many documents you are adding, for correction.

10. Click 'Next' Again

11.  This Page Called as Photograph Page.

       Capture Photograph (If You selected) (Learn Photo Capturing Rules)

12. Click 'Next' Again

13. This page Called as Review Page.

      Match all the Details again and look for any mistake, You can also Print this page for Customer Review.



13. A) If all things is OK then Click on 'Confirm'

14.  This Page Called as Customer Verification Page ( CVP ).

       Click Attach Document from below of this Page.

15. This is Document Page.

 15. A)     Select Your Scanner from dropdown.

                 Set Dpi to 100.

                 Scan Mode to Black.

15. B) Click on Scan Icon

15. C) After Scanning All Documents and Update Form, Click On save.

16. You will return to Customer Verification Page ( CVP ) again, automatically.

      Scan the Customer and Operator/Supervisor Fingerprint and Click On Verify.

17. After Successfully Verifying bio-metric details of Customer and Operator/Supervisor,

     Click on Validate PAC.

18. For PAC, Login to CSC Portal

19. Goto Aadhaar Tab in CSC (Digitalseva) Portal.

20. Click On Aadhaar Demographic Update.

21. Now Enter Customer aadhaar Number.

      Select Service Type: Demographic Update or Photo Update

     Amount Will Show Automatically.

     Enter Your CSC ID

     Select Terms and Conditions and Click Submit


22. Enter You Digitalseva Login Password and Click Validate.


23. Enter Your 6 digit Wallet Pin and Click Pay.


24. You will Get You PEC code.

25. Select PAC Code and Click Ctrl+C from Keyboard.


26. Minimize your Browser and Goto UCL window Again.

       Fill PEC Code and Click Validate.


27. After Successfully Validating the PAC, Click On Submit


28. Wait for a Minute and you will get a Success Message.

       Print 2 Copies of Receipt from here (One copy handover to Customer on signing it, another keep safely for 1 year , it will help you to Prevent from any dispute.)

Note- It must be sign on both Receipt by Customer and Operator else Receipt wouldn't be counted as Valid.

29. Goto Your Browser Window again and Fill EID and Date - Time of Enrollment, Given on Receipt.

30. Click On Submit.

Now You have Successfully updated the aadhaar details, it may take 4-96 hours to update on server.