1) Download eKYC Tool

Download eKYC Tool from Above given button.

2) Download and Install Supported Version of Mozilla Firefox

Download Mozilla Firefox 51.0 from this website or from eKYC Tool.

» Make sure you have disabled Auto-update of Mozilla Browser. «

3) Download and Install Java Runtime Environment

Download Java Software from this website or From eKYC Tool.

4) Setup Security Setting from Java Software

You need to do some security setting in your Java Application Manually. If you want to do it automatically, Click on Java Setting on eKYC Tool.

5) Download and install RD Tool

Download RD Tool for your Device as mentioned below.

 Device Manufacturer
Download Link 
 MorphoDownload Morpho RD Tool
Download Mantra RD Tool
 Startek Download Startek RD Tool

6) Download and install Device Driver

Download Device Driver for your device as mentioned below.

 Device Manufacturer
 Download Link
Morpho MSO 1300E/E2/E3 Driver
 Already Included in RD Tool
 Mantra MFS 100 Driver
 Download Device Driver
 Startek FM220 Driver
 Download Device Driver

7) Download and install ECS Tool

Download ecs tool from our website or from eKYC Tool.

» After Completing Above mentioned Steps, Restart Your System «

Now, Your Computer is Ready for eKYC Biometric Capturing.