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GST Registration - Cancellation Process for New Users.

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06/01/18 04:02:35 AM

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» Morpho eKYC Tool

» Mantra eKYC Tool

» Digipay 2.5 Updater


» Get Morpho/Mantra Serial Number

» Morpho eKYC Tool for PAN Card

» Mantra eKYC Tool for PAN Card

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 For PayTM KYC,

  1. Download Golden Gate App
  2. Buy Morpho Fingerprint Scanner
  3. Login With Below Given Details and Do eKYC

                UserID        :     <Removed by Admin>

                Password :      <Removed by Admin>

Note :

            1. Do not try to misuse above given Credential otherwise your IP Would be blocked.

            2. This is not a mobile number. This is a user id only, Given by PayTM for Bulk customer Verification.

            3. If You wish to become also a PayTM eKYC Partner, Pay Rs. 1,999  by Filling This form.